Definition : Integrated project

A set of at least 2 main buildings, subject to the divided co-ownership regime, located on the same land, comprising private portions and one or more common portions, and characterized by an integrated development promoting the pooling of certain indoor or outdoor spaces, services or equipment such as access aisles, parking lots, recreational spaces and green spaces.

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Large-scale real estate developments in divided co-ownership are often carried out in successive stages, the number of buildings and the duration of the work are a function of the marketing and interim construction financing. Some co-ownerships have more than one building that have in common community spaces such as a parking lot, a swimming pool and traffic lanes. In such a context, it is then a question of "co-ownership in phases". This type of co-ownership allows the developer to spread the design of a real estate project over several years, and to modulate the pace of construction work according to the evolution of unit sales. However, it is customary to announce in the preamble of the declaration of co-ownership the legal structure chosen for this type of co-ownership.
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