Definition : Justice (doing justice to oneself)

Obtain by oneself the recognition of a right or the reparation of something, without recourse to the courts, considering that it is in one's right and using all means including violence.  The law does not allow justice to be done. If everyone did their own justice, it would become impossible to live together!

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We would like to know what our rights are with respect to the members of the board of directors. We asked them on more than one occasion, a copy of the minutes of our last meeting of co-owners (which took place three months ago). Under article 1102.1 of the Civil Code of Quebec, the board of directors must send the co-owners the minutes of any meeting of the co-owners within 30 days of the meeting. Despite these demands, the directors turn a deaf ear. We have decided to stop paying our common expenses until we get what we are asking for. Question: But is it okay to have to make such a request every time the  board does not give us a follow-up?
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