Definition : Key

Instrument that allows  locking and unlocking  a lock. Declarations of co-ownership generally contain a provision compelling the co-owners to give a duplicate key of their apartment and to communicate, if necessary, the access code of their alarm system.  The objective is to allow the members of the board of directors or the condo manager, in case of an  emergency, to access the apartment of an absent co-owner without having to resort to the services of a locksmith, or having to break down the door in the event of a loss.

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When water damage comes from the common or private portions, any syndicate of co-owners must take the appropriate urgent measures. It will be necessary to dry up the source of the damage, as much as possible, and then move on to the other most pressing steps. The claim must be reported immediately to the insurance companies, namely those of the syndicate and the co-owners concerned. And once the claim adjuster have completed their work, it is important to hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs.  
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Article 7 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms guarantees the inviolability of the dwelling. In principle, no one can have access to the apartment of a co-owner without his consent. However, it was rightly held that this rule was not absolute. This is why most declarations of co-ownership provide that a co-owners, tenants or any other occupant of the immovable must leave, at all times, a duplicate of the keys to the board of directors or the person mandated to keep the keys. In the event of emergency work (for example during water damage), the co-owners are required to leave free access to their private portions to a representative of the syndicate. It should be noted that the Civil Code of Québec governs, in harmony with the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the general principles of law, persons, relations between persons, as well as property.
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Des membres du conseil d’administration du syndicat ont pénétré récemment dans mon appartement, sans ma permission, en prétextant ne pas avoir mes coordonnées ou le double de mes clés. On me réclame maintenant des frais de serrurier et de plombier, pour des travaux dont je n’ai pas été témoin. Ils ne m’ont même pas fait parvenir une nouvelle clé pour la serrure, de sorte que j’ai dû moi-même faire appel à un serrurier pour rentrer chez moi et j’ai encouru des frais pour cela. Question : Qu’en pensez-vous?
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