Definition : Locker

Location in the building where co-owners, lessees or occupants of the immovable are entitled to store objects. In divided co-ownerships, the locker can be qualified by the declaration of co-ownership as being a private portion, a common portion for restricted use or a common portion.

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Section 1719 of the Civil code of Québec states that the seller must provide the buyer with a copy of the deed of purchase, as well as with a copy of the owner history and of the certificate of location he has on hand. Prepared by a land surveyor, the certificate of location is part of the property titles the seller must supply.  In the interest of the buyer, the certificate of location should clearly describe the current condition of all private portions (for instance, an apartment, a parking or storage space, or even land). Should the seller not have a certificate of location on hand (and unless the promise to purchase states otherwise), they will need to have one prepared, at their own expense. 
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The offer to purchase is an important step in any real estate purchase. To be valid, it must include a number of mandatory information, on pain of nullity. Thus, it must include the names of the parties involved, the identification of the coveted building and the purchase price offered.  
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