Definition : Maintenance logbook

Document prepared by a building professionnal itemizing the technical information related to the maintenance procedure of the common portions and the work carried out in the immovable. It includes the inventory of the immovable components (generally the common portions), along with a maintenance schedule of these components of the work already carried out  or the foreseeable maintenance or replacement work. This document is an integral partof the register of co-ownership and shall be made available to any co-owner upon request.

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The law does not establish an exhaustive list of the duties and obligations that the members of the board of directors must assume. It is the declaration of co-ownership (constituting act of the co-ownership) and certain articles of the Civil Code of Québec which, for the most part, determine them. Furthermore, the administrators are considered to be agents of the syndicate. Directors must therefore act within the limits of the powers conferred on them by law and by the declaration of co-ownership. As such, they are required to act with care, diligence, honesty, loyalty, efficiency, fairness, and in the interest of the union.    
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