Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Meeting Officers

Natural person having the task of attending to the orderly progress of the meeting of the co-owners. The range of titles and duties allocated to the meeting officers are the following: president, vice-president, meeting secretary, and possibly scrutineer. The declaration of co-ownership (by-laws of the immovable) generally determines their respective responsibilities. 

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The appointment of  meeting officers remains a must for the holding of any meeting of co-owners. The range of titles and offices attributed to them is varied: president, vice-president, secretary and scrutineer. Although the functions of each of these speakers are distinct, their purpose is to ensure the proper conduct of the proceedings and their transcription in the minutes in order to record the decisions taken.  It is  the By-laws of the immovable (second part of the declaration of co-ownership) that provide the rules in this matter. However, the civil liability of an officer of an assembly with regard to the tasks incumbent on him is largely unknown. Yet many Quebecers accept this office, while ignoring this reality.  
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The declaration of co-ownership generally contains the terms and conditions concerning the conduct of the meeting of co-owners by defining rules of procedure and the role of the meeting officers. Key figures of the assembly of co-owners, they ensure the smooth running of it. Their appointment is therefore necessary for the holding of any meeting of co-owners. These are generally elected at the start of the meeting, in a separate vote taken by an absolute majority of the votes of the co-owners present or represented (50% of the votes plus one). This is an obligation that cannot be waived, because any decisions taken before their election has no legal value.
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