Definition : Memorandum

A compulsory document completing the preliminary contract and containing the information specified by the Civil Code of Québec. The memorandum must be remitted to the purchaser by a builder or a developer when the sale includes a fraction of divided co-ownership of the immovable for residential purpose, and that this immovable comprises or is part of a complex with at least ten dwellings.

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  I plan to buy an on plan apartment. As I am intolerant to second-hand smoke from other units, acquiring a condo in a co-ownership in which my neighbors could be smokers is out of the question. Question: How can I get assurances from the developer, that smoking will be prohibited in the private portions of the building to be built?
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The Civil Code provides, in specific cases, that it is compulsory to annex to the preliminary contract   documents which become an integral part of the contract.
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The insurance of the syndicate covers the common portions of the immovable, as well as your private portion. In the event of a loss, it will not cover you for the improvements made to your private portion. It is your responsibility, therefore, to ensure that these improvements are adequately, by the means of an individual insurance. This is generally the case, if renovations have been carried out with material of a higher quality than the original one. Your insurance policy must cover the value of the improvements you have made yourself, as well as those made by previous co-owners.  
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