Definition : Minor repair

Action of repairing, in a short time and economically, an unusable element to its usable state by performing a simple job. This could be the case for the repair of a flickering crank of a casement window, and this by a simple adjustment of it. However, if it is required to change the sealed unit installed inside the window frame (thermos glass), then a major repair or replacement of the common portions will be reported.

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The contingency fund is set up on the basis of forward planning limited to certain works, namely those aimed at the conservation of the common portions. This collective savings thus makes it possible to finance the execution of works allowing the rehabilitation of the common portions as well as the common portions for restricted use. The contingency fund must be used to pay the cost of very specific work, namely those relating to major repairs or the replacement of the common portions of the building. The board of directors must therefore be able to clearly identify what constitutes the common portions and what the notion of major repairs and replacement of the common portions means.
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