Definition : Molds

Microscopic organism (mushroom) of whitish or greenish color which develops and multiplies on organic surfaces. Moisture and darkness are conducive to its development. The presence of mold inside a building can be a source of pollution and air contamination. Several studies have shown a possible link between molds and a negative impact on human health.

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The occurrence of a disaster is never good news. Significant water damage is likely to cause lasting damage within the building (e.g. fungal developments inside walls and ceilings). There is no miracle solution to avoid water-induced disasters. However, considering their impact on the budget of a co-ownership, prevention measures must be put in place to monitor components and equipment more at risk. To limit the risk of disaster, especially water damage, some good resolutions are to be made on a daily basis.  
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13 mars 2019 — Les moisissures ne sont pas que le lot des appartements locatifs. Certaines copropriétés n’échappent pas au phénomène. Ce fléau est bien souvent causé par l’enveloppe d’un bâtiment poreuse, qui laisse passer l’air et l’eau. Il en résulte une croissance fongique qui peut rendre ses occupants malades.
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