Definition : Notification

A formality whereby the contents of a document or notice are brought to the attention of an interested person (e.g., registered mail, email, hand-to-hand delivery). "Service" is a form of notification, when it is made by a bailiff.

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According to article 477 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the syndicate has the obligation to notify the co-owners of the subject of a legal claim to inform them, within five days of receipt of the notification. However, I sent a notice of arbitration to the directors by registered mail. I then forwarded the notice with the proof of receipt to a Mediation and Arbitration Centre.  Question: Does a notice of arbitration fall into this category?
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The syndicate of co-owners must, to meet the expenses arising from the co-ownership and the operation of the immovable, collect from its members the necessary sums. It is therefore essential that the co-owners meet their financial obligations on an ad hoc basis. However, the failure to pay general or special  common expenses (condo fees) is one of the most contentious co-ownership’s issues. The role of the board of directors in this matter is paramount, it is up to it to collect the debts of the syndicate. Unless this task is delegated to the condo manager. The syndicate must therefore take the necessary steps to collect the unpaid sums.  A review of the options in such cases.
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Le phénomène AirBnB prend de l’ampleur au Québec. Cette plateforme peut faciliter la location à court terme d’unité de condominium. Toutefois, certaines déclarations de copropriété interdisent formellement ce type de location. Mais certains copropriétaires contreviennent consciemment ou non aux dispositions desdites déclarations de copropriété. Combien de fois les administrateurs ou gérants entendent « je suis chez nous et je fais ce que je veux ».
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