Definition : Piping and wiring.

All conduits, pipes, cables or others dedicated in particular to the conveyance of fluids (e.g. drinking water, rainwater or sewage), energy (e.g. electricity or gas) and data transmission (e.g. telephone communications, internet, etc.). In divided co-ownership, the piping and wiring is presumed to be a common portion. It is therefore the responsibility of the syndicate of co-owners to ensure its maintenance and preservation.

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The duties and obligations of a syndicate are determined by law and the declaration of co-ownership. However, it is essential to fully understand those duties and obligations as their non-compliance towards a co-owner or another person could engage the civil responsibility of a syndicate. Those duties and obligations are mainly aimed to ensure the preservation of the immovable, the administration of the common portions and the protection of the rights affecting the immovable or co-ownership, as well as all operations in the common interest.
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