Definition : Professional Code

An Act to regulate Quebec's professional system and ensure the protection of the public. The Act defines the mandates, responsibilities, structure and operation of the Office des professions du Québec, the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec, the professional orders and the Professions Tribunal. It designates the minister responsible for the application of professional laws. In addition, the Professional Code determines, in particular, the factors defining a professional, the professions with "exclusive practice" and "reserved title" and the general conditions for issuing a permit to practise a profession. In the case of a profession of exclusive practice, only the members of the order may carry on the activities and bear the title reserved for them by law. The professions of exclusive practice each have their own law which defines, among other things, the professional activities that are strictly reserved for members of the order. In addition, only members of the professions on a reserved basis have the right to use the professional title. However, members of a reserved order do not have the exclusivity of professional activities, with the exception of certain professions in the field of health.