Definition : Quarrelsomeness

Behaviour of a person who, feeling aggrieved, unduly multiplies judicial proceedings. In judicial matters, a person's quarrelsomeness may be formally established by the judicial authority. Thus, the person declared a "querulous litigant" keeps his rights to take part in judicial proceedings, but only with the authorization that will occasionally be granted by the court. There is a file of querulous litigants and it is available online.

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Life in co-ownership is not always a long quiet river. It is like a micro-society where disputes are omnipresent. Many conflicts are neighborhood quarrels, which are usually settled with civility. However, it happens that some disputes are fueled by co-owners thirsty for justice who will want to assert their rights in court at all costs. This is why divided co-ownership is not immune to quarrelsome litigants who multiply legal recourses to redress real or fictitious damage. They usually represent themselves alone in court. They show stubbornness and narcissism by systematically trying to have indirectly what cannot be obtained directly.These righters seek to harm others by abusing their right to go to court.  
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  Question: One of the co-owners disturbs the  co-owners' meetings  with his endless questions and his incessant insults towards the members of the board of directors. He is always in dispute over everything, either on principle or just to be in contradiction. What can be done?
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