Definition : Register of co-owners

Ledger in which the syndicate of co-owners records the name and mailing address of each co-owner. In order to update this ledger, article 1065 of the Civil Code of Quebec provides that a person who, by whatever means, including the exercise of a hypothecary right, shall notify the syndicate within 15 days. The register of co-owners is an integral part of the register of co-ownership and shall be kept at the disposal of any co-owner requesting it.

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December 27, 2021- The Meeting of co-owners is a major event in the life of a co-ownership. A meeting at least once a year, it is decisive since it allows the making of major decisions that impact the lives and finances of the co-owners. The board of directors' mission is to take care of the convening and holding of the meeting of co-owners but also of the execution of the decisions it votes. Decisions taken have to appear clear and careful planning is required. It is also important to understand the rules that apply to it.  
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  Usually declarations of co-ownership list the patrimony of the syndicate of co-owners. Among the items owned by the syndicate is the register of co-ownership. It contains all the syndicate's archives, such as the declaration of co-ownership, the up-to-date list of co-owners and tenants of the immovable and the minutes of the co-owners meetings and the board of directors meetings, enabling it to carry out its mission adequately. The co-owners must have access to this register, which can be entrusted to a director or a condo manager.
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