Definition : Register of improvements made to a private portion

Collection in which the syndicate of co-owners records the improvements made to a private portion. As part of the development of this register, the syndicate is required to establish a description of the private portions that is sufficiently specific to ensure that the improvements made by the co-owners are identifiable. The same description may apply to several private portions when they present the same characteristics. This document is part of the register of co-ownership and must be made available to any co-owner who requests it.

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The insurance of the syndicate covers the common portions of the immovable, as well as your private portion. In the event of a loss, it will not cover you for the improvements made to your private portion. It is your responsibility, therefore, to ensure that these improvements are adequately, by the means of an individual insurance. This is generally the case, if renovations have been carried out with material of a higher quality than the original one. Your insurance policy must cover the value of the improvements you have made yourself, as well as those made by previous co-owners.  
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