Definition : Rental Board

Government agency whose mission is to inform citizens of their rights and obligations under a residential lease and to promote conciliation between lessors and lessees, in order to prevent conflicts from developing solely because of the ignorance of the law. The Rental Board periodically publishes decisions rendered by the commissioners. It is also a specialized tribunal exercising its jurisdiction over the lease of a dwelling, when the amount requested, the value of the claim or the plaintiff's interest in the object of the request does not exceed the amount of the jurisdiction of the Court of Québec.

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Afflicted with a health issue, you want to move to an apartment closer to your daughter, which is fitting, given that a unit in her condo building is for sale. However, this unit is rented. During a visit to the premises, the tenant informs you that he has no intention of leaving, claiming a right to stay there for life. At least, for as long as he wants to. On the other hand, the seller tells you that the tenant will have to leave the unit upon receiving a notice of repossession. Intrigued by the tenant's statement, you take time to interview several people to verify this "lease for a lifetime" matter. The answers provided reassure you: if it is sent six months before the planned repossession date, the notice of repossession should allow you to take back the apartment.
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The declaration of co-ownership is a contract that orchestrates and regulates the lives of co-owners, lessees and other occupants of the immovable. It represents the guideline for everyone who lives in the immovable.The declaration of co-ownership provides, systematically, that it is up to the board of directors to have its content abided to. However, it happens that people break the rules, in particular by a non-compliant use of a private portion with regard to the destination of the immovable, a noise nuisance and work carried out in violation of the by the laws of the immovable. Other examples illustrate the problems that can occur in the co-ownership, such as an encroachment on a common portion or the improper installation of a floor covering. Anyone who does not abide to the declaration of co-ownership is liable, inter alia, to a legal recourse based on article 1080 of the Civil Code of Quebec . This action may be brought by a co-owner or the syndicate.
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The purchase of a condo leased to a third party is a frequent occurrence in the resale market. Save for an agreement to the contrary, nothing prohibits a co-owner lessor from selling and a purchaser of purchasing an apartment even though the tenant wishes to continue to reside in it. The lease is attached to the immovable, not to the co-owner/ lessor. The lease will continue to be in force even if the unit is sold and the terms and conditions of the lease shall remain the same.
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Je suis copropriétaire-locateur et je loue mon unité de condo à un couple depuis 1 an. Ils ne m'ont pas payé les deux derniers loyers. Que dois-je faire : envoyer une mise en demeure, appeler un avocat? Quelle instance est compétente pour entendre les litiges entre copropriétaire et locataire?
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