Definition : Roof terrace

An architectural element of a building that sits on the roof of the building and is arranged as a terrace to be used as a living or leisure space. A roof terrace can be treated as a garden (sometimes only vegetated) or it can consist of open air parts and built elements, with a solarium for example.  It is generally referred to as a common portion for restricted use, in the declaration of co-ownership.

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A source of permanent controversy in co-ownership, cannabis and tobacco smoking arouse passions. However, it is recognized that there is no inalienable right for a co-owner to smoke in the common portions or in a private portion. On the contrary, the common law on abnormal neighbourhood disturbances and the effects of second-hand smoke on the health of people exposed to it advocate prohibition. In this regard, the right to life and to the safety and integrity of the person enshrined in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms is moving towards an obligation to abstain from smoking in collective dwellings. Under the circumstances, should co-ownership syndicates banish this habit?  This is not an easy question to answer. Easier said than done, some will say. And they are not wrong. Here’s a look at the whole legal issue that defines smoking in co-ownerships.
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Le syndicat, dans le cadre de ses missions, doit autoriser, le cas échéant, tous travaux entrepris par des copropriétaires, que ce soient dans les parties privatives ou les parties communes à usage restreint. Les copropriétaires ne doivent pas oublier qu'en copropriété, certaines règles s'appliquent.
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