Definition : Sale under control of justice

Sale of movable or immovable property resulting from a judgment following a legal claim made by a hypothecary creditor who holds rights to the property.

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Even after the transfer of ownership, the buyer benefits from several guarantees. Unless otherwise stated, the sale of a building is subject to a basic guarantee, generally called the "legal guarantee". This guarantee exists by the sole effect of the law, that is to say without it being necessary to provide for it in the contract. Under article 1716 of the Civil Code of Quebec (C.c.Q.), the legal guarantee has two components, namely the guarantee of the right of ownership  (1723 C.c.Q.) and the guarantee of quality (1726 C.c.Q.) against  hidden defects. This guarantee covers the validity of the right of ownership and guarantees the buyer that the building and its accessories are free from hidden defects likely to make them unfit for use or which reduce its usefulness so much that the buyer would not have bought or would not have paid the same price if they had known them.
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