Definition : Board of directors - Secretary

Natural person appointed by the Board of directors. The secretary is generally in charge of sending out the notices of meetings to the meetings of the board of directors, to draft the resolutions adopted by the board and safeguard the minutes. He performs any other function assigned by the board of directors in relation to its activities.

WARNING! One must not confuse the office of secretary the Board of Directors with the office of secretary of the general meeting. They are two different offices.

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The Board of Directors is one of the two decision-making bodies of the syndicate. Composed of one or more directors, its duty is to administer, manage and ensure the preservation of the immovable. Its operation and decision making process are governed by the declaration of co-ownership. An overview of the various specific facets of the Board of directors.  
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The law provides that a syndicate must keep a register at the disposal of the co-owners. In most cases the declarations of co-ownership list the items it contains. This register is the memory of the syndicate, and consequently, its archives. In is thus invaluable. Much more than a mere witness of the sound management of an immovable, it is its prime instrument. Therefore, preservation and access are the hallmarks of this register.
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The decisions made by the directors must be noted and recorded in the minutes. These are is an essential co-ownership document, because it ensures the written preservation of the board of directors’ deliberations, and of the results of each vote, so that any co-owner and director can refer to them over time. It also allows to verify if the meeting of the Board of Directors was conducted within the rules. Given its importance, this document must respect a certain form.
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