Definition : Semi-detached houses

Residential building that contains two dwellings that are adjoined and separated from each other by a party wall. A semi-detached house usually has an architectural style identical to its twin. Both twin houses have their own private gardens, with side access to the garden usually available. 

 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ! Article 1100 of the Civil Code of Quebec allows co-owners of contiguous private portions to alter the boundaries of their private portions, without it being necessary to obtain the majority provided for in article 1097 of  the Civil Code of Quebec, provided they obtain the consent of their hypothecary creditors and of the syndicate. No alteration may increase or decrease the relative value of the group of private portions altered or the total of the voting rights attached to them.

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Whether semi-detached or row, the townhouse is a good compromise between the typical co-ownership apartment and the single-family home. This type of project is established in "horizontal co-ownership". Each of the fractions is composed of a private portion (usually a house) and a share of common portions (the land). Each co-owner is the owner of his private portion "from nadir to zenith", while the common portions are usually limited to traffic lanes, parking lots and certain strips of land. From a legal point of view, horizontal co-ownership has no special status. Horizontal co-ownerships are governed by the same rules set out in the Civil Code of Quebec that apply vertically (e.g. residential towers).
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By purchasing a condo (apartment) in a residential tower, you automatically become an owner in a vertical co-ownership. You can also be in a divided co-ownership, if you purchase a house (semi-detached or townhouse), built on the same lot than other individual homes.  It is then called a horizontal co-ownership. If this is the case, you may not be the sole owner of the land surrounding your home.  You will therefore share with others the ownership of the private streets leading to the homes and common areas, and the common equipment such as the swimming pool and collective parking.
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