Definition : Sole director

natural person appointed or elected to exercise alone the powers and duties of the board of directors. This concept is often chosen by co-ownerships comprising three apartments or less. The same is generally true for the appointment of the provisional director by the developer.

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The presence of a Board of Directors is mandatory in a co-ownership. It is the executive body of the syndicate and its legal representative. Its members act as the mandataries of the syndicate. When a co-ownership is newly constituted, the declaration of co-ownership generally provides for the appointment of a interim director, who exercises the functions of the Board of Directors until the Meeting of co-owners appoints a new board of directors. Consequently, the obligations related to administration, listed below, apply to this director.  Its appointment Usually, it is the developer who designates him, in accordance with a provision in the declaration of co-ownership (By-laws of the Immovable). Often he appoints one of his  representatives to act as the interim director of the syndicate.
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