Definition : Storage areas

Place of the building where the syndicate of co-ownership, co-owners, tenants or occupants of the building have the right to store various goods. In divided co-ownership, the storage local (commonly known as a storage locker) is presumed to be a common portion. In addition, storage lockers can be qualified by the declaration of co-ownership as common portions, common portions for restricted use, or private portions, as the case may be.

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In our current declaration of co-ownership, nothing, other than a vehicle as permitted herein, may be stored in an indoor parking space without obtaining prior written permission from the Board of Directors. More specifically, it is prohibited at all times to store goods in an indoor parking space, except and except a bicycle when the indoor parking space concerned is equipped at its end with a bicycle rack. The statement was written by the promoter of the project. I also see on this site that it would be a normal settlement. Some co-owners dispute this regulation. Question : Are there any municipal, provincial or fire service restrictions that could explain this bylaw?  
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