Definition : Tourist

Person who takes a leisure or business trip, or a trip to carry out remunerated work, of not less than one night outside their principal residence.

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Renting accommodation for 31 days or less is a short-term tourist rental, a practice that is regulated by law. If short-term rentals such as "Airbnb ®" are allowed in your co-ownership, any owner of an apartment who wishes to rent it to tourists must do certain checks. The most important is to ensure that it complies with the Tourist Accommodation  Act (Act) and its regulations (Regulations). He must also ensure that he does not contravene municipal by-laws regarding nuisance, health or safety. In addition, municipalities can adopt by-laws that govern, or sometimes prohibit, this type of tourist rental.  
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When the rented property is an apartment, all tenants must comply with the by-laws of the immovable. However, tourists  who rent a condo temporarily have often not received a copy. Therefore, without even knowing it, they may be in breach of the provisions included in this regulation. These tourists can use the parking spaces reserved for visitors, thus reducing the number of spaces available. Others park squarely in the spaces belonging to the co-owners. In addition, these temporary occupants may be less aware of safety considerations, as well as the tranquility of the co-owners. In short, they usually consider the unit they rented as a hotel room.
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