Definition : Veto (right of)

The right granted to a natural or legal person to prevent the adoption of a decision by his opposition on the grounds that such a decision requires unanimity of votes. By using the right of veto, there is opposition to being able to take a decision and therefore blockage.

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Undivided co-ownership (by indivision) has existed since time immemorial, even before the existence of divided co-ownership. Indivision allows two or more people to own a building while sharing acquisition and operating costs. A co-ownership is said to be undivided when the right of ownership is not accompanied by a material division of the property. The building usually has a single lot number. The owners own a share of this lot. The municipal and school tax bills are thus intended for all the co-owners of the building, who must separate the costs. In addition, since 1994, the Civil Code of Quebec has contained several rules governing joint ownership.
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