Definition : Voting rights register

File in which are recorded in particular the assignments of voting rights in favour of hypothecary creditors, the mandates (proxies) for purposes of representation at the general meeting of co-owners, either by the hypothecary creditors or by the co-owners, indicating, insofar as feasible , the names and addresses of the mandataries and representatives of the co-owners, revocation  and reductions of voting rights, where applicable. This document is an integral part of the register of co-ownership and must be made available to any co-owner who requests it.

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    The right to vote is a founding principle of democracy. Citizens of a democracy   can express their will in a ballot.  In principle, this right is equal amongst all voters. Practically speaking, it is equivalent to the «one person, one vote" rule, which means that every vote   has the same weight. However, co-ownership derogates from this principle, namely in that the number of votes held by the co- owners is in direct correlation with their rights of ownership in the immovable. An overview of the various aspects of voting in General Meetings of co-owners.          
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