Definition : Window

An opening usually located in a wall, so that air and light can enter a building. This opening consists of a frame and windows. In divided co-ownership, the fenestration of a vertical co-ownership is generally qualified as a common portion, under the declaration of co-ownership. But if it is a horizontal co-ownership, it is usually an integral part of each of the private portions

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By purchasing a condo (apartment) in a residential tower, you automatically become an owner in a vertical co-ownership. You can also be in a divided co-ownership, if you purchase a house (semi-detached or townhouse), built on the same lot than other individual homes.  It is then called a horizontal co-ownership.
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La facture qu’a reçue notre syndicat pour les travaux de changement des fenêtres se divise t-elle par le nombre d’unités ou selon la quote-part des copropriétaires? Il y a trois unités dans l’immeuble qui disposent de plus de fenêtres, mais ces copropriétaires ne sont pas d’accord pour payer plus que les autres. Que devons-nous faire?
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