Definition : Self-Insurance Fund - Reasonable additional amount

Amount to be paid into the self-insurance fund, in addition to the amount of the highest deductible, to enable the syndicate of co-owners to provide for the payments it will have to assume from its own money, in the event of a loss, due to the conditions (e.g. in the case of a amount of insurance (insurance limit), insurance insufficiency (under insurance)) or the exclusions (e.g. water damage) contained in the insurance policy.

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August 27, 2022 — On June 22, 2022, the  Government of Quebec published in the Gazette officielle du Québec a regulation amending the Regulation to establish various measures in matters of divided co-ownership insurance. The by-law amends the terms and conditions for establishing the minimum contribution to the self-insurance fund of an immovable held in divided co-ownership so that a contribution bringing the balance of the fund to more than $100,000 may be reduced. Nevertheless, a syndicate of co-owners may always decide to deposit in the auto insurance fund an amount greater than this amount, and this, according to its financial forecasts.  
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Le fonds d'auto assurance deviendra obligatoire le 15 avril 2022, en vertu de l’adoption du projet de loi 141, en 2018. Dans cette capsule vidéo, l'avocat émérite Yves Joli-Coeur explique les détails.  
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Le fonds d’auto assurance est affecté au paiement des franchises prévues par les assurances souscrites par le syndicat et d'un montant additionnel raisonnable Questions : Qu'est-ce qu'un montant additionnel raisonnable? Comment fait-on pour connaitre la somme additionnelle? On doit se fier sur quoi exactement pour définir la somme additionnelle?
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The syndicates of co-ownership must set up a self-Insurance Fund to anticipate and finance, in particular, the expenses relating to the carrying out of future work following a loss. This fund is mandatory since April 15, 2022 following the adoption of the Bill 141, in 2018, which notably created section 1071.1 of the Civil Code of Québec. It had become necessary due to a substantial increase in insurance deductibles. Most of the time, the amount of these deductibles was formerly negligible, whereas today, it can reach tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  
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