Definition : Tobacco - Smoking

Acute or chronic intoxication due to the use of products made from tobacco leaves: cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snover and chewing tobacco. According to the World Health Organization, smoking is one of the main risk factors for several chronic diseases, such as cancer, lung disease and cardiovascular disease.

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  A source of permanent controversy in co-ownership, smoking arouses passions. A growing number of co-owners are complaining about neighbors who smoke. Given the abnormal neighbourhood disturbances that second-hand smoke can cause, many non-smoking co-owners want it completely banned. They worry about the effects of second-hand smoke on their health. Under the circumstances, should co-ownership syndicates banish this habit?  This is not an easy question to answer. Easier said than done, some will say. And they are not wrong. Here’s a look at the whole legal issue that defines smoking in co-ownerships.
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  I plan to buy an on plan apartment. As I am intolerant to second-hand smoke from other units, acquiring a condo in a co-ownership in which my neighbors could be smokers is out of the question. Question: How can I get assurances from the developer, that smoking will be prohibited in the private portions of the building to be built?
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  I live in a co-ownership where there are a few smokers, one of which is located directly below me. His smoke migrates into my apartment. I am worried of its effects on my health in the medium and long terms, as well as that of my spouse and those of my two children. Question: Can our syndicate compel these smokers to install an air freshener in their apartment?
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