Definition : Usufruct - Usufructuary

A person who has the right of enjoyment of a property for a certain period of time, owned by another (the bare owner), subject to the obligation of preserving its substance (preservation).

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    The right to vote is a founding principle of democracy. Citizens of a democracy   can express their will in a ballot.  In principle, this right is equal amongst all voters. Practically speaking, it is equivalent to the «one person, one vote" rule, which means that every vote   has the same weight. However, co-ownership derogates from this principle, namely in that the number of votes held by the co- owners is in direct correlation with their rights of ownership in the immovable. An overview of the various aspects of voting in General Meetings of co-owners.          
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The declaration of co-ownership is binding upon the co-owners and, in principle, on the occupants and tenants of the immovable. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to enforce its content. By failing to do so, the members of the Board may, in some cases, be held liable toward the co-owners. Anyone who does not respect it is exposed to legal proceeding based in particular on article 1080 of the Civil Code of Quebec. This action may be brought by both a co-owner and the syndicate.  
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An incompatible activity When the leased property is an apartment, the lessee must respect the by-laws of the immovable. However more often than not, tourists renting a condo for a short period of time have not received a copy thereof and may not even realize they are contravening   its provisions.They sometimes unduly use visitor parking spaces, reducing the number of available spaces. Others are shamelessly parked in spaces owned by co-owners or in their assigned spaces. Moreover, these in and out tourists may be less inclined to be concerned with security and the tranquility of co-owners. In short, they consider their leased unit they as a hotel room.
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