Definition : Voting - Acclamation

A means to elect or to vote at a general meeting of the co-owners, to designate the meeting officers of the general meeting or the directors, without holding a vote. If only one candidate stands for a position, the president of the general meeting may then appoint him by acclamation provided the co-owners or their mandatary, holding the majority of votes, are in favor.

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The declaration of co-ownership generally contains the terms and conditions concerning the conduct of the meeting of co-owners by defining rules of procedure and the role of the meeting officers. Key figures of the assembly of co-owners, they ensure the smooth running of it. Their appointment is therefore necessary for the holding of any meeting of co-owners. These are generally elected at the start of the meeting, in a separate vote taken by an absolute majority of the votes of the co-owners present or represented (50% of the votes plus one). This is an obligation that cannot be waived, because any decisions taken before their election has no legal value.
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The General Meeting of the co-owners takes its decisions by a vote. Without this list being exhaustive, two voting procedures are set out in article 351 of the Civil Code of Quebec: the show of hands or, upon request, the secret ballot. The choice of one or the other voting procedure is predicated upon competing objectives of simplicity or of confidentiality in the decision making process. A focus on the different terms and conditions of voting in a General Meeting:
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