Definition : Voting - Secret ballot

Voting system used at a general meeting of the co-owners or a meeting of the board of directors, in which participants are asked to answer anonymously a question put to the vote. The Civil Code of Quebec states that the vote of the members is by a show of hands or, on request, by secret ballot. Oddly, the decision-making process at a general meeting of the co-owners does not allow for a secret ballot, in the absolute sense of the term. Article 1090 of the Civil Code of Québec stipulates the following: "Each co-owner shall have at the general meeting a number of votes proportional to the relative value of his fraction". Thus, the ballot must necessarily indicate the number of votes attached to the fraction of the co-owner.

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The General Meeting of the co-owners takes its decisions by a vote. Without this list being exhaustive, two voting procedures are set out in article 351 of the Civil Code of Quebec: the show of hands or, upon request, the secret ballot. The choice of one or the other voting procedure is predicated upon competing objectives of simplicity or of confidentiality in the decision making process. A focus on the different terms and conditions of voting in a General Meeting:
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