Definition : Window - Thermos glass

Glass panel lining an opening such as a door or window, which is hermetically sealed. The space between the panels is filled with argon gas or air to effectively insulate the window. The majority of residential and commercial windows are equipped with this type of glass, double or triple, known for their energy performance.

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Question: Our declaration of co-ownership states that exterior windows, incorporated into the walls, are common portions for restricted use. However, the windows of my apartment are heavily foggy, a multitude of water droplets accumulate during the night and hinder the view. A glazier told me that the cause of this problem is a failure in the sealing of the thermos glass itself. The directors claim that the costs of replacing the thermos are borne by the Syndicate and then distributed to the co-owners who have requested them according to the thermos replaced. I disagree with them. Who should pay for the cost of replacing the thermos windows in my apartment?
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  The windows of our unit are at the end of their lives, according to a specialist who changed the thermos of a window that don't 2 windows have already cracked. Despite my express request to the syndicate to change our windows, he prefers to wait a few years to change all the windows. We have been losing the enjoyment of one of our main windows for 2 years. Its opening is a danger, because it is too heavy, weighs on the closing mechanism, and I am afraid that it falls from the 4th floor, or that the thermos breaks again. Question:  What do you think are our remedies?
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