Christmas: a holiday break from December 22 to January 3, 2023

The entire Condolegal team wishes you a happy holiday season and a happy 2023 filled with happiness and health! The little elves of Condolegal will take a well-deserved break. However, this rest will be short-lived, as the year 2023 is likely to be full of twists and turns.

The draft regulation on Bill 16 is expected in the first quarter of this new year. This draft regulation will introduce several new provisions concerning, in particular, building maintenance (maintenance book and contingency fund study), transactions (certificate of compliance of the co-ownership) as well as new obligations for boards of directors and developers.

In order to enjoy this time of celebration, the Ask Your Question section free of charge will take a break from December 22, 2022. The team will be back to answer your questions from January 4, 2023.

 Are you looking for information? You can consult the glossary to quickly find information on a specific subject or read a practical sheet among the hundred available on the site.

Montreal, December 11, 2022