Complementary insurance of the syndicate

The syndicate's insurance does not cover everything, for example, deductibles and exclusions . This is the case for certain types of risk, such as ground movements. This means that not everything that is earthquake and its consequences are automatically covered. To get better coverage, you can subscribe complementary riders to the insurance policy. Clearly, the so-called complementary insurance is intended to increase - by increasing the basic premium - the insurance cover and the ceiling of the indemnities that can be paid. Here are some examples of complementary and optional coverage (guarantee):


Insurance for professional fees

This rider can be extremely useful if the syndicate has to pay the fees and disbursements of the professionals in the case of a loss (such as a: lawyer, notary, architect, engineer or land surveyor). These professionals are often  retained to advise the Board of Directors and, as needed, prepare reports, plans and specifications and insure the surveillance of the work to ensure the restoration of your immovable.

Insurance for the fees of the trustee

In the case of a substantial loss, the management of the indemnities paid out by the insurer can become a very complex endeavor. The appointment of a trustee will therefore be required, but its fees and other expenses can add up.

Insurance of unpaid common expenses (condo fees)

If the building suffers a major loss, the co-owners may be tempted to stop paying their condo fees for legitimate reasons. This is possible if, for example, they do not have the full enjoyment of the common or private portions and services. Your syndicate could then end up in financial difficulties. Some insurance companies offer coverage that provides for the payment of the condo fees during the restoration.

Equipment breakdown insurance (breakdown of machines)

This coverage is intended to compensate for the lack of coverage of some insurance policies for the risks associated with the breakdown of mechanical, electrical, heating, air conditioning or refrigeration equipment, a boiler or a pressure vessel. It is usually the object of a separate warranty. It is in the best interest of your syndicate to include in its insurance coverage this type of risk, because the financial consequences can be significant, in the event of damage caused to the immovable’s machinery by an electric arc, electrical failure, explosion due to pressure and centrifugal force.

Earthquake insurance

This coverage is used to cover damage resulting from the shaking of an earthquake as well as damage resulting from fire, explosion or smoke resulting from it. For earthquakes, insurance is sold by adding additional protection to the contract. This is an endorsement that is added to the insurance policy of the syndicate of co-owners.


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW !​ Some declarations of co-ownership impose subscribing complementary insurance. In any event, it is good management practice to do so. TO KEEP IN MIND : The purpose of complementary insurance is to have better   insurance coverage.

WARNING !​ Every insurance contract includes limitations and exclusions. Your damage insurance agent is required to explain them and offer, if needed, complementary and optional coverage in accordance with your needs.


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