Technical and real estate responsibilities

The syndicate of co-owner’s mission is to ensure the preservation of the immovable and the maintenance of the common portions. To ensure the good performance of the building, the syndicate involves various service providers (for example: a housekeeping company, an elevator operator, a building professional, etc.). Technical and property management aims at the conservation of common portions. In addition, a well-maintained building necessarily involves carrying out the necessary work to avoid the deterioration of the common portions. In the case of work, the syndicate has a central role. It puts the various service providers in competition upstream, and follows the site throughout its execution. In addition, to perform these tasks correctly, it is essential that the syndicate set up a maintenance logbook, an asset management plan and a certificate of the state of the immovable.

Preservation of the immovable

Assuming the condo manager is qualified to take charge of this essential mission for the sound management of any co-ownership, he plays a leading role in planning and supervising the necessary work to maintain the building and its equipment in a good state of repair. Relying on his background, skills and experience, he should be able to insure the immovable technical maintenance and monitoring, two activities predicated upon being present at the building to supervise the necessary work. He may also negotiate contracts, prices and the products and services’ specifications. A review of the many tasks that can be entrusted to the co-ownership manager.

Building regular maintenance  

Within the scope of his specific tasks the manager could be called upon to:

Financial control

As part of its tasks, the manager could be called upon to:

  • Analyze the specifications prepared by building professionals;
  • Follow-up on suppliers’ tenders, such as elevator maintenance, snow removal and janitorial services contracts;
  • Check if the contractors hold a license issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (Québec Construction Board);
  • Check with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec whether the contractors have been the object of complaints or claims;
  • Check if the contractors have taken out liability insurance;
  • Check the solvency and business reputation of the service providers, including their credit rating;
  • Analyze bids and forward them to the Board members, with relevant recommendations;
  • Negotiate and manage suppliers and service providers’ contracts, such as those of building maintenance companies, renovation contractors, building professionals and janitors;
  • Implement operational efficiencies strategies;
  • Regularly carry out follow ups and inspections;
  • Analyze (for recommendation purposes) invoices issued by suppliers or service providers.

Quality control

As part of its tasks, the manager may be required to:

  • Participate in service providers’ selection under the Board of Directors supervision;
  • Supervise their work;
  • Set up quality control programs;
  • From time to time, follow-up on the advancement of the work;
  • Follow up upon corrective measures, as the case may be;
  • Ensure deadlines are respected.

 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ! Managers handling many and/or large accounts have a high volume of activity, and are often able to negotiate lower rates with suppliers. They are thus able to lower the cost of products and services needed to maintain the immovable, for the best interest of the syndicates of co-owners.

WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND : Regarding work, the manager shall ensure the implementation of decisions made by the board of directors. When he has the necessary experience to do a good job, the manager is able to compare bids to counsel the directors about their respective benefits and disadvantages.

WARNING ! The board of directors must supervise the manager’s work. To this end, the board must set up financial controls. In other words, it must determine in a timely manner, when, how and why financial and material resources will be allocated.


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