Offer to purchase


You have found the apartment of your dreams. At last, you will buy the property  you have coveted. But before signing the offer to purchase, nagging doubts are in the back of your mind, you have many questions:




  • What is an offer to purchase?
  • What am I getting into by signing an offer to purchase?
  • What should be included in the offer to purchase in order that my dream does not become a nightmare?
  • What are the steps to go through to complete an offer to purchase?
  • Should I consult professionals? If so, when and who?
  • In the end, how much will my condo cost?
  • Can I really afford buying it?
  • The extent of my financial commitments after the purchase of the condo?

To reach the right decision, be extra cautious and get information on the object and the purpose of an offer to purchase. Thus, you will proceed with the necessary knowledge of the facts and the legal issues. You will find herein instructions concerning the undertakings, the provisions, the essential terms and conditions to inscribe (or consider) during the preparation of an offer to purchase.









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