Syndicate of co-owners

The syndicate of co-owners, as a legal person, has  juridical personality, which allows it to contract with third parties, hire employees, hold and dispose of property or exercise legal remedies to protect its assets and ensure the defense of the collective interests of the co-owners.He plays a crucial role in a co-ownership, as it is its legal representative. A legal person constituted of all the co-owners (the collectivity of the co-owner) and governed by the Civil Code of Quebec.  As such, it has rights, obligations but also responsibilities.  He has for object the preservation of the immovable, the maintenance and the administration of the common portions and the protection of the collective interests of the co-owners. An overview of its role and its various powers.


What is a syndicate of co-ownership ?

What are its duties and obligations ?

What are its powers ?

Can it be held civilly liable ?

What is the tax regime of a syndicate ?

Why the syndicate should be registered ?


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