Attendance sheet (Attendance Records)


Calling a meeting of co-owners to order requires the prior preparation of an attendance sheet. It allows calculating quorum, establishing material evidence confirming the presence of co-owners or their representative (proxy), and controlling the legality of the vote.

Presentation and content

The attendance sheet is prepared by the board, from the official list of co-owners in the register of the co-ownership.

This document is usually in table form. It must include:

  • The date and place of the general meeting of co-owners;
  • The name and address of the syndicate of co-owners;
  • The lot numbers of each of the private portions;
  • The number of votes for each private portions;
  • The name and address of their owner(s);
  • Free space in front of each name in which the owners or their representative may sign in.

Signing the attendance sheet

Upon arrival, the owners must sign in at the appropriate space of the attendance sheet (signing of the attendance sheet). Those holding proxies to represent one or more co-owners must present them before signing the sheet. These proxies will be attached thereto.

The signing of the attendance sheet by a co-owner or its mandatory confirms its presence (unless contradicted) until the end of the meeting. However, it is recommended to provide a box to inscribe the time of late arrivals  or early departures of co-owners or their representative.

Moreover, it must be ensured that from the opening to the end of the general meeting, all co-owners (or their mandatory ) present have signed the attendance sheet. This avoids potential inconsistency in the calculation of votes, even more so when co-owners are considered absent on the attendance sheet.


The president of the meeting shall certify the attendance sheet. A free space (on the last page) of the document, will allow him to sign it at the very end  of the general meeting. This document will be annexed to the minutes.

Conservation and access

Once signed by the president of the general meeting, the attendance sheet must be deposited in the register of the co-ownership , so that the co-owners can have access to them. Article 1070 of the Civil Code of Québec provides that the syndicate has an obligation to keep at the disposal of the co-owners a copy of the minutes and any other documents relating to the immovable and the syndicate.

The Board of Directors is the custodian of the registers containing the minutes of the general meetings of the co-owners and their annexes. It is thus compelled to issue a copy or an extract to any co-owner who requests it. The declaration of co-ownership may provide a fee for the communication of such documents.


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW! The attendance sheet must include the number of votes to which each owner is entitled, taking into account, if appropriate, specific rules related to the  reduction of the number of votes or to the suspension of voting rights. TO KEEP IN MIND: The signing the attendance sheet allows the president of the  general meeting to proceed to the count of the number of votes of the co-owners present and of co- owners represented , and to calculate the quorum. He can thus verify the legality of the votes and decisions taken.

  WARNING! The attendance sheet can be electronic, in which case the person in charge shall be duly identified. This document must also be kept so that its integrity is not compromised. The reliability of the taking attendance process must also be assured. 


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