Montreal is interested in condos

October 3, 2016 - The City of Montreal recently conducted a survey with nearly 22 500 people. It dealt with divided and undivided co-ownerships on the island. To conduct this survey, le Service de mise en valeur du territoire (the Territory Development Service) commissioned the SOM research firm.

This survey sought mainly to draw a portrait of housing owned in divided and undivided co-ownership. It also wanted to find out the types of    households living in these apartments. The results could help (insofar as  ​​housing is concerned) "to adapt its policies to the citizen’s needs," states the City of Montreal.

Elected representatives of the metropolis will thus have "a more detailed knowledge of the characteristics specific to dwellings, as well as upon households that are owner-occupant of a co-ownership, according to the co-ownership type," added the City. For example, the city wanted to know if there are existing services tailored to families in their immediate neighborhood. What type of co-ownership is best suited to those families? If major investment were made in the building, when it was converted into a co-ownership? And if the owners feel that their contingency fund is sufficient?

All this will result specifically  in possible improvements to the various financial assistance programs offered by the City of Montreal, particularly with regard to renovation and acquisition.  We remind you that in the last assessment roll, some 163,072 condos were recorded on the island of Montreal. As for the survey, it ended on September 30 last.

Montreal, October 3, 2016