Condo corporations rushing to prohibit pot smoking before legalization

July 25, 2018 - The cannabis prohibition in co-ownerships is presently a hot topic. Lawyer Maxime St-Onge, from de Grandpré Joli-Cœur, gave an overview thereof this morning on Global News.

While several Canadian co-owners syndicates are racing against the clock to ban pot in their immovable, the young lawyer confirms that Montreal is no exception as cannabis decriminalization will officially come into effect on October 7th.


Not in my condo

"What we are seeing in Montreal is that co-ownership administrators are trying to ban this substance everywhere in their immovable, because the potential problems could be numerous, more particularly in  with insurers," stated Maxime St-Onge.

The foreseen complications include both the common and private portions. He added "Many co-owners will not want to be inconvenienced by cannabis odors ". If pot is not prohibited in a co-ownership, several occupants are at risk of suffering from second-hand smoke in their own unit, if the compartmentalization between their apartment and the common portions is deficient. For this reason, neighbourhood disturbances may escalate.

But what will happen to co-owners who consume cannabis for medical purposes? "Exceptional measures are usually provided to enable them to use it," says Maxime St-Onge. In any event, the complete prohibition of pot in an immovable may not be readily accepted by everyone. There will be individuals asking for the right to consume it for recreational purposes. He concluded that in essence, "banning marijuana in a co-ownership is a collective choice".

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Photo: Maxime St-Onge

Montreal, July 25, 2018  

By François G. Cellier for