Is your building in good standing ?

February 24, 2016 - A new deadline of the Building Chapter of the Safety Code (CBCS) arrives on March 18, 2016. The affected Syndicate of co-owners must, without fail, file their immovable audit report within the prescribed period. This report must then be recorded in their register. The buildings over 25 years of age but under 45 are targeted by this new deadline.

In force since March 18, 2013, the CBCS ensures that Quebec buildings are safe for people who visit them on a regular basis, and for bystanders. To make it so, any syndicate of co-owners must attend to the diligent and rigorous preventive maintenance of its immovable.

The facades

The facades are one of the components targeted in the CBCS. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec, RBQ,( Québec Building Board) who is in charge of its implementation, now requires that facades  be inspected at regular intervals. It imposes more particularly the maintenance of a register, in which important information should appear, including the repair history of these facades, alterations, maintenance performed and audit reports associated with them.


A second aspect relates to parking. Again, targeted syndicate of co-owners must compile various information in a register including, a copy (if available) of as built plans for the construction of the parking, photographs, documents and technical information about any alterations carried out.

When a building professional detects the presence of dangerous conditions, either on a building facade or a parking slab that does not rest on the ground, he must immediately inform the RBQ and the owner.

Declaration of dangerous conditions

For its part, the building owner must complete a form entitled Declaring a dangerous condition: façade or parking within 30 days and provide in writing to the RBQ, a description prepared by an engineer or architect of the remedial work to be carried out, and a work schedule for approval.

In addition to the facades of buildings and parking lots, the CBCS also oversees water cooling tThe RBQ adds that building owners who do not comply with the new rules are liable to stiff fines. Inc. Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved. The reproduction and distribution of this entire article is permitted only on the express condition that the source be indicated therein.