Tobacco and cannabis ban in Hampstead


February 7, 2018 - Smoking in public is no longer allowed in Hampstead. This prohibition will also apply to marijuana once legalized in Canada.

A proposed bylaw on tobacco products and other substances in the territory of Hampstead was adopted early February by City Council. The prohibition extends to parks, streets, sidewalks, municipal buildings and adjacent land. It includes pot.


Secondary smoke and health problems

Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg said this initiative stems from the upcoming legalization of cannabis. Bill C-45 has been instrumental to this initiative. « We do not want this to occur in public. One of the reasons is second-hand smoke, which causes health problems », said the mayor of this small municipality of 7,000 residents.

Smoking a cigarette or a joint sets a bad example

The second reason is the poor example given by tobacco and marijuana users. « When it comes to pot legalization, we certainly have worries that it will entice more young people to smoke. Thus, we do not want smokers to set the wrong example. We also do not want groups of teenagers or young adults smoking joints in our parks or on our sidewalks »,added the Mayor.

The municipality claims to have the necessary powers to ban tobacco and marijuana under the Municipal Powers Act, which governs municipal powers in the areas of the environment, nuisances, peace and order and the general well-being of its population.

Heavy fines

Anyone who violates a provision of the new bylaw is liable to a fine. These fines will range from $ 100 to $ 300 for a first offense, and will increase from $ 200 to $ 600 for a second offense.

Montreal, February 7, 2018

Source: La Presse